If you experience any operational or chemical issues with your spa please give us a call- often there maybe a simple solution which could be rectified on the phone!

Callouts are a £55 charge (includes assessment and quote).
Labour is charged at £45/h.
If a return visit is required any time ‘saved’ will carry through to the return.


Changing your hot tub water every 3 to 6 months will keep your water fresh and at maximum bathing quality. At this point adding a mild chemical flush will help remove any build up of biofilm (dead skin, hair, product) thereby helping to sanitize the system. See table for details and price included in this service.


If you plan to shut down your hot tub or swimspa down for the winter months (or any prelonged period) Wintersiation involves a chemical bioflush of the system, drain down and jet washed clean up to make sure of no bacterial remnants left to fester after shut down.
Unscrewing and leaving open the pumpand heater unions allows for complete evacuation of all water to avoid freezing and potential damage until Reopening.
Finally a full pallate wrap of the spa with cover down ensures a seal that prevents water and bug ingress! See table for details and price included in this service.


After hibernation through the winter, Reopening is the replacement of unscrewed open plumbing, refill and full check of plumbing and operations and innitial water chemistry balance. See table for details and price for this service.


Once a year (at least) it is recommended that a hot tub or swimspa has a full service. This includes a very strong chemical flush made up of Biofilm removing gel and sanitising Chlorine Dioxide tablets which complete destroys viral and bacterial growth and removes any food source for their development (biofilm).
Also included is a full inspection of the plumbing network, pump, heater and ozone functions, and all electrical connections helping maintain and prolong the life of your spa components.
A full jetwash of shell,cover and filters, vacuum and polish, refill, recommisioning and function check, and finally water chemistry balance completes the service. See table for details and price for this service.
ServiceMild FlushStrong Chlorine Dioxide FlushJetwash of Shell and CoverFilters CleanedPlumbing, Pump and Electrical InspectionRefill, Function Check and Water Chemistry BalancedReconnection of PlumbingFull Pallet Wrap of Spa and Cover
Water Change | £99
Winterisation | £110
Reopening | £85
Full Service | £165


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